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there is a new policy to increase the salary of grama volunteer and as well as ward volunteer. so according to the policy of minimum wages for the employee rule andhra pradesh government taken an initiation to increase the salaries of the grama and ward volunteers and most of the employees were requested to the government.

the workers union were conducted a meeting to implement the policy of minimum wages for the jobber and most of the employees were not satisfied with the present salary which is around 5000-/ rupees which is very less amount for the grama ward volunteers job.

employees union requested to identify the hard work of volunteers and should definitely increase salaries.and there is an another proposal that the policies of government job should also implement in the grama volunteer jobs. and the union leaders spoked that the grama volunteers are working very hard as platform between government and people. and there will be more chances to effective new salaries from the januvary 2021. if there is any latest update on the volunteer updates i will post the articles in this website and make an eye of this website to get know of the latest updates on the salary updates.

Grama Volunteer salary Increase Latest news 2021:

grama volunteer salary status can be checked in the official application or you can check in the website

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