karthika deepam serial today latest episode 19-12-2020

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But the anchor is still excited .. Will I pick up the phone if I bring the figure ?? Asking Verma .. ‘If you bring a figure, I need to know the relationship you have with that figure beforehand .. to knock that figure out of you ..
In yesterday’s episode of Maunita, when she came back after challenging Soundarya and Anandaravu .. Deepa .. Maunita was sitting at the dining table at home and eating. Deepa with Priyamani says ‘Well done Sachchav’. Would be a silent shock. When the lamp went home, the lamp hit Maunita .. ‘Now I will do the same’, Mauna comes to the lamp furiously. However, the lamp is still eating very cool .. ‘What do you want to put my jaw .. You can not do that .. You do not have the courage ..’ Says ‘Hey spoon (Priyamani) .. Get out of here ..’ With that, Priyamani goes inside.
With that, Deepa says in silence, “What are you eating without salt?” And says, “Can I make a phone call?” Except for one Dr. Babu .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. … To the sun .. The phone should be given to the snow. With Hima receiving the phone .. ‘Hima .. did I tell you that I will connect your daddy .. your mother .. but your mother will come here and make a fuss’ he said .. ‘Give the phone to our mother I will talk’ says Hima. Deepa smiles and picks up the phone .. Hima says ‘What is my mother for silence ..’ .
Immediately with silence .. ‘Our father-in-law who did not know about you .. took me to your hospital and left .. then he injected me .. because Durga came and threatened me .. you left from there .. don’t believe me if I tell this thing to my husband .. you will change my mind Husband .. ‘holding the silent neck and pressing the lamp .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. … I will take you .. It is my duty to make you guilty before my husband ‘, he pushes me to the ground .. The lamp goes away.
If the scene is cut .. solar, snow .. keep talking. Hima changes her mind when Hima says ‘Silence is good .. Mommy connects Daddy’ .. Sourya .. ‘Silence is better than grandma .. not because of grandma anymore what does silence do’. Believes to be a silent dummy. The lamp comes on for a while .. listens to the words of the sun and the snow. Adentante .. ‘Oh I forgot Hima .. Dad called me last night. He said he would come this morning to pick you up .. I forgot to tell him .. Hima .. ‘Yes .. Daddy seems to be missing me .. I mean definitely come’ he says. ‘But I miss Daddy’s love so much that the sun says sorry to Hima .. The lamp hurts. Let’s see more details in the next part! ‘Kartikadeepam’ continues.

tommorrow episode of karthika deepam serial will be uploaded by morning

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